Friday, November 15, 2013

This series leaves you breathless every time!

The Tao of PamThe Tao of Pam by Suzanne Jenkins

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*******POSSIBLE SPOILERS*********

I don't even know where to begin. This series is just fantastic. Each book gets more intense and for me the last two have been mind blowing as they lead you to the ending.

Jack god it always boils down to being about him. Will it ever end? Evidently not now that his son is grown and about to walk in his shoes.

Brent Smith - Pam & Jack's son has broken up with his girlfriend and returned back to Babylon for the first get together of the summer. He's harboring a few secrets that will come to light but will they make a difference in what happens as the summer progresses?

Lisa Smith - Pam & Jack's daughter, now married and a new mother has found out her husband isn't the man she thought she married. Will their marriage survive or will tragedy prevail? Will Lisa unknowingly burn the bridge of closeness with her mother forever in the name of love?

Pam Smith - Her relationship with the younger lawyer Dan is being put to the test before the summer even starts. Will she make a grave error when she breaks her ties with him?

Sandra - Jack's former mistress, has she learned nothing from the pain and loss of Jack that she can't stop her self from looking at his son Brent as a replacement for her torn heart?

Ashton - Jack's ex lover, Ted, Natalie, Zach & Deborah - will they work out there differences after Ashton has a long coming jealous meltdown and tears the family they all hoped for apart?

It's back to Babylon once again to find out where this all leads as Jack Smith's children now grown and his widow try to move on with their lives but Jack even dead still has a hold on them all...

If I could give this any rating it would be 10 stars for keeping the story fresh, each book feels more intense that the last one yet still has that new feel as you dig in to all the drama, emotion and heart ache you felt the first time you walked into Babylon and met The Smith's. Huge golf claps and cheers to Suzanne Jenkins, another great read that has left me breathlessly waiting for more.

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