Friday, April 4, 2014

Review of Flying by Megan Hart

FlyingFlying by Megan Hart

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Where do I start...?
Every time I open a book by Megan Hart I know I'll be pulled into an emotional whirlwind of swearing to myself, tears and then there is "the end" which leaves me breathlessly anticipating her next book.
Her characters and stories have depth. So much depth that you may just find yourself sinking right in as a true voyeur.
In "Flying" Stella has discovered that flying on the weekends to met with strangers is a form of solace. She's divorced and raising a teenage son; however that is just a smoke screen for what is really going on.
Grief, loss and a failed marriage is what Stella is flying away from. She is far from the thrill seeker she portrays at first. With each flight she takes the reason for her "flying" comes to light. Little by little we see her scars and the broke parts of her life she is trying so hard to put back together.
This story is not about infidelity, it's so far from that. It's about what happens to us and those we hold close when life takes a bad turn down a dark road that might just not have a happy ending or maybe, just maybe the ending might not be that bad.
A chance encounter puts Matthew in Stella's path, what happens afterwards will tear them little by little apart. Unknow to them both is the fact they share more in common than they realize but unspoken words and feelings get in the way and before too long they are both faced with the hand they have been dealt. Will they over come their fears, the anger, grief and guilt of what they have lost and open up to what it staring them right in the face?
Once again Megan Hart has written a haunting emotional raw story. You have a ticket for first class, just remember to fasten your seat belt!

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