Saturday, October 4, 2014

Limited Time - The Butterfly House Box Set - 99 Cents!


"The first two books, a novella and a bonus Children's story available for a limited time in one volume."

Once upon a time in New York City there was a club called The Butterfly House, filled with beauty, sadness and mystery. Downtown in Manhattan, behind twin glass stained butterfly designed doors, there is the most amazing burlesque club. Therein lies secrets, heart ache and lost love.

The Butterfly House - Nothing will ever be the same for Nolan Walker of Walker Deviant Glass Designs as he finds himself falling for dancer/singer the Lotus. Ava Wild, the Lotus has many dark secrets, how long will she be able to hide them from the handsome man who has comes each night to watch her show?

The Awakening of Angela Mercy - Sam Rayburn new owner of The Butterfly House, his mind and body live for sex without committment until the night he steps into an all-night cafe to wipe a beautiful woman's tears away. He discovers he's love deprived and nothing will stop him from filling that addiction when she is lost to him. Angela Mercy has been in a coma for almost a year, her mind has been broken by one man and her heart loved by another. Will she find herself again when she awakens or will the darkness pull her back?

We Could be Lovers - Cameron Haze, Nolan's assistant who has never had a relationship but is about to meet a couple who will twist him inside out during the biggest New Years Eve wedding of the season. Miles Drake and Cheyenne Taylor are engaged but they love to play dangerous erotic games with men. Will Cameron become just their new lover or will they be something much more?

Finding Elliott - Miles has lost his best friend Elliott, a toy Elephant in NYC after a car accident. Find out where Elliott's adventure takes him as he and Miles try to find one another in the city that never sleeps.

Please note: The first 3 books in the set contain adult content, sexual situations and MMF theme.

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